All Cleveland Cookware products are hand crafted, right here in NE Ohio!

Our Story

Cleveland Cookware Our Story

Cleveland Cookware LLC is a small, family owned and operated business, located in the Greater Cleveland area, in Northeastern Ohio, USA.  Cleveland Cookware was founded with the goal of providing consumers with the highest quality, locally made, cooking and kitchen items and home accessories.  We currently have a small product line, but big ambitions about growing our company.

Cleveland has a strong history of entrepreneurs and industry.  Even to this day, many large and small companies call Cleveland their home.  Unfortunately, over the past several decades, many companies have also left.  At the same time, local markets have been flooded by cheap, low quality, imported consumer goods.  Over time, it has become increasingly more difficult to find many consumer goods which are produced in the USA, let alone in Ohio.  The founders of Cleveland Cookware grew tired of seeing these trends and decided to do something about it.

The company has a simple goal, to provide consumers a high quality, locally made alternative to low quality imported goods.